Stop Fracked Gas Expansions in WA

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Utilities and fossil fuel companies are trying to build massive amounts of fracked gas infrastructure, right here in Washington. The world’s largest fracked gas to methanol refinery, proposed in Southwest Washington would consume more gas than any sector of Washington’s economy, necessitating a new fracked gas pipeline down the entire length of our state. Puget Sound Energy just revealed new 20-year plan that steam rolls a massive LNG facility in Tacoma, continues using coal power plants, and looks to heavily increase fracked gas usage. 

We need Governor Inslee to come out opposed to all new fracked gas infrastructure and expansions. 
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Stop Fracked Gas Expansions in our State
Dear Governor Inslee, Ecology Director Bellon and Local Leaders, Fracked gas is dirty, dangerous, and destructive. Methane, the main component of fracked gas traps 87 times more heat than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period. New and expanded gas infrastructure proposals are flooding our state. We need climate champions to take a stand against them. Gas extraction, transportation, storage, and refining have severe environmental, health, safety, and climate impacts. It’s time for Washington to lead on safe, renewable energy solutions and say NO to more gas. Please do everything in your power to stop these dangerous proposals.