Tell Dominion: Stop Holding Virginia Back!


Dominion is holding Virginia back. Right now, Virginia’s largest energy company hasn’t built a single wind farm or major solar project in our state. They don’t even have renewable energy in their plan for the next 15 years. 

Sign the petition below to send the message to Thomas R. Farrell II, President & CEO of Dominion Virginia Power, that Virginians have had enough of their empty promises -- we want clean energy now. 

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Develop Virginia-Made Clean Energy Now!
Dominion emits more industrial carbon and mercury pollution than any other utility in Virginia, and the pollutants its plants emit contribute to 5,528 asthma attacks each year. Dominion has developed clean energy in neighboring states, yet is forcing our families to rely on dirty fuels that produce mercury, smog, and soot pollution which contribute to developmental disabilities in children as well as heart attacks and cancer. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to invest in clean energy. Already more Americans work in the wind industry than in coal mining. Clean energy is the alternative that can put thousands of Virginians back to work and protect the health of our families. We can combat climate change and create jobs if we invest in clean energy like wind, solar and energy efficiency now. We can do better. Dominion should lead the way by creating 3,000 megawatts -- enough to power 700,000 homes -- of new Virginia-made wind and solar energy and energy efficiency by 2020.