Say No to Foreign Nuclear Waste in SC

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South Carolina Does not Agree to Take the World's Nuclear Waste
I would like to make this comment to US Department of Energy for the Record on the "Environmental Assessment for the Acceptance and Disposition of Used Nuclear Fuel Containing U.S.--Origin Highly Enriched Uranium from the Federal Republic of Germany." As a citizen of South Carolina, I oppose any plan to bring German or any other foreign high-level nuclear waste to the Savannah River Site for processing and storage or disposal. SRS must seek full funding for the clean-up of the large volume of highly radioactive waste that remains at the site and not divert attention to any new mission that would bring in yet more waste. The idea of bringing more deadly waste to SRS, with absolutely no feasible or realistic plan to remove it, is unacceptable to the people of this state. Nuclear boosters may try to characterize this as "research fuel," but the two German experimental gas-cooled reactors seeking to dump their graphite spent fuel at SRS operated for a total of twenty-three years, produced commercial electricity, and are cited by the International Atomic Energy Agency as commercial nuclear reactors. SRS is not the place to dump spent nuclear fuel nor should Charleston be used as a port of entry (for a period of three years as stated in the federal register notice). Germany is a highly technologically advanced and stable society and is very capable of storing and protecting this waste until a domestic permanent repository is located. To bring the spent fuel here to be "processed" will only increase the toxic waste burden of our state, while sending the message world-wide that South Carolina is open to the nuclear waste business. On the SRS end, the motivation to accept the waste is because contractors will profit. This is no justification to dump more waste at SRS.