Stop the Legislative Assault on Pennsylvania’s Environment!

Last week, the Senate did polluters’ bidding by passing two outrageous anti-environmental bills, and we need your help to stop them in the House!

Senate Bill 624 would create an exemption to the PA Clean Streams Law specifically so that longwall mining companies can legally predict damage to waterways based on a promise to clean up the mess, despite the fact that attempts at remediation often fail.

Senate Bill 561 would require legislative approval of any new regulation that is deemed to have a “significant” economic impact, which would effectively mean no public health or consumer safeguards could be adopted for the foreseeable future.

Tell your House member to stand up for constituents rather than polluters, and reject these dangerous bills!

Stream restoration at Ryerson
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Please OPPOSE SB 561 and SB 624
As a constituent I urge you to oppose SB 624 and SB 561. Please vote NO on both bills and urge your colleagues to do the same. SB 624 would create a special exemption to the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law and allow destruction of public natural resources for private profit by longwall mining companies. Currently, the law requires that mining companies avoid causing predicted damage to streams that would impair their designated uses, such as fishing. This bill would expressly allow companies to cause that damage, provided they have a plan for repairing the stream later. However, stream restoration is itself a very destructive process that eliminates stream uses and habitat. It takes years for streams to recover and some never fully recover. SB 561 would authorize unconstitutional legislative vetoes of state agency rulemakings at the expense of the health, safety, and welfare of Pennsylvanians while minimizing the General Assembly’s accountability for such vetoes. Currently, both chambers can object to a new regulation by adopting a resolution of disapproval. This bill would allow either chamber to kill any critical health, environmental, or consumer safeguard by simply not acting at all. Both these bills are dangerous and I urge you to prioritize public health and communities in our district by opposing both.