Tell ALCOSAN that everyone deserves a “green first” solution!

The City of Pittsburgh is set to release its Clean And Green Plan that solves many of the City's problems at once. This plan gets the sewage out of our rivers, reduces flooding, revitalizes communities that have been left out of much of the current boom of development, and brings jobs to communities that desperately need them.
However, Pittsburgh isn’t the only place in ALCOSAN’s service area. Tell ALCOSAN that we need a "green first" plan like this for the WHOLE ALCOSAN region- not just the City.


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Everyone needs a “green first” solution -- not just Pittsburgh
I am glad to see that the Mayor and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority have created a green first plan for Pittsburgh. The Clean and Green plan solves multiple problems like flooding and basement backups, and it eliminates sewer overflows while also generating community benefits and creating local, union jobs. As an ALCOSAN ratepayer I am concerned that the ALCOSAN Clean Water plan will not invest my rate money in a way that brings these kinds of benefits back to me and my community. As an ALCOSAN ratepayer I would like to see the Clean and Green plan fully adopted by ALCOSAN and the study expanded to the entire service area in order to maximize clean water and community benefits for our investment.