Parks for the People - Not for Private Profit

As Pennsylvanians prepare for a summer of enjoying our beautiful state parks, there is an attempt under way to turn over these same parks to commercial developers.

Right now, a bill is being voted on that would force DCNR to enter into “Public / Private Partnerships” -- partnerships with private interests who want to exploit our parks for their own profit. If passed, this bill could lead to amusement parks, hotels, golf courses, and other facilities that would detract from the natural experiences Pennsylvanians have come to expect from our award-winning state park system.

ACT NOW and stop this attempt to turn over our state parks to developers. Send your legislators a letter OPPOSING HB 2013 and let them know that parks are for the people, not for private profit.

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I just learned that there is a move underfoot in the PA General Assembly to give developers access to our state parks, in order to construct a variety of commercial facilities.  As an owner of these state parks, I demand that you oppose this effort to commercialize our parks for private exploitation.   I use our parks and expect them to be free of commercial development.  The parks should be maintained to provide protection for wildlife, as well as for healthful recreation in a natural setting.   HB 2013 would promote development of inappropriate commercial facilities, such as amusement parks, resorts, hotels and golf courses, within park boundaries.  This would subsidize private development that would unfairly compete with facilities outside the parks.  If developers believe a resort can be developed and make economic sense, they should do so without government subsidies.   I understand that the General Assembly is expected to consider HB 2013 this week, with no plans to hold public hearings or to gauge public sentiment on these precedent-setting changes in the management of our precious parks.   In summary, I ask you to oppose any proposal, including HB 2013, that would allow the commercial development of our state parks.  I also ask that you contact your leadership to slow down the process, and hold hearings to examine the potential impacts of the bill.   I look forward to hearing from you to find out whether you want to protect our parks, or want to turn them over for commercial development.   Sincerely,