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It's time to save the Elliott State Forest!

Millicoma River

The Elliott State Forest is Oregon’s first state forest. It’s home to towering old-growth trees and clean, cold waterways, teeming with salmon and some of the best drinking water on Earth. It’s an incredible stronghold for the Northern spotted owl, marbled murrelet, coho salmon, and carbon storage. It was a traditional hunting and fishing ground for several tribes long before it became a state forest. And it’s also in danger of being sold off by the State unless the Oregon Legislature approves $100 million in bonding to keep it public.
At a time when there are intense interests nationally to sell off our public lands, it’s our duty to be good stewards of the land, protecting it from corporate interests who would destroy our natural heritage for a quick buck. These special places are a glimpse into the ancient, unspoiled land that used to be the whole of Oregon.
Join us in urging the Oregon Legislature to authorize bonding for the Elliott so we can continue to preserve our public lands. We need to ensure future Oregonians will have open spaces and thriving, diverse ecosystems to learn from and enjoy just us much as we have.
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As an Oregonian who values our wild and natural landscapes, I urge you to protect the Elliott State Forest by authorizing the required $100 million in bonding. As Oregon’s first state forest, the Elliott has become a symbol of both our enduring commitment to public lands, and the need to decouple our treasured wild spaces from logging required for Common School Fund lands. There has been, and will continue to be, ongoing conflict between the need to preserve our environmental legacy and the need to fully fund our schools -- unless we take action now to create an alternative to the current system. Please protect the stands of century-old trees that serve as habitat for threatened wildlife and that preserve the clean waterways that sustain wild coho salmon and provide drinking water for communities. These old-growth trees capture and store vast amounts of carbon dioxide and are important tools in the fight against climate change. These trees – and all of the Elliott – ought to remain publicly owned. At a time when intense interests are working nationally to privatize public lands, it is even more important to keep the Elliott State Forest public. The forest is an incredible stronghold for endangered species, clean water, and carbon storage, and I urge you to vote to approve the $100 million in bonding this legislative session. Thank you in advance for your leadership in protecting the Elliott State Forest.