Tell Gov Inslee: Be a leader against Kinder Morgan!

On April 18, Kinder Morgan announced that it will suspend all non-essential activities and related spending on its dirty pipeline and tanker project. They will make a decision on if they will go forward by May 31. This is HUGE. But, our work is not over. We only have a few weeks to keep up the heat and dish Kinder Morgan the knockout blow they deserve. 

​Now is the time for elected leaders in the Salish Sea to continue to resist Kinder Morgan’s dangerous pipeline and tanker project. British Columbian Premier Horgan is taking the heat from Trudeau and the Canadian federal government as he continues to vow to stop Kinder Morgan. And he can hold an even harder line with cross-border support from Washington.

We need Governor Insee to step up his opposition to the project. Washingtonians would be directly impacted by this project, as all oil tanker traffic from the facility must travel through our waters.

Let’s ask Inslee to lead with Horgan, and voice his opposition loud and clear. Send the Governor your letter today! 

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Photography: Survival Media Agency, Emma Cassidy. Action: Organized by Mosquito Fleet