Tell WY Gov. Mead -- step in and stop the Yellowstone grizzly trophy hunt!

As soon as the first day of September, two dozen vulnerable grizzly bears could be killed in Wyoming for a trophy on a wall. 

Grizzly bear nursing cubs near Fishing Bridge, Yellowstone National Park

Despite strong public and Tribal opposition and active litigation challenging the removal of Endangered Species Act protections last summer, trophy hunting of the iconic grizzly bear, could start this fall -- just as bears are fattening up for hibernation. The hunt proposed by Wyoming Game and Fish would allow trophy hunters to kill 24 grizzly bears, including females. Bears could be killed as soon as they step out of the national parks, except for in a small buffer area proposed for the east side of Grand Teton north of Jackson Hole.

Wyoming's extreme trophy hunting proposal will set grizzly recovery in the Greater Yellowstone region -- one of the Endangered Species Act’s greatest achievements -- back by decades. This is a bad proposal for grizzlies, and a bad proposal for the Greater Yellowstone region. Wyoming's Governor Mead can influence the Game and Fish Commission to withdraw this irresponsible proposal. Let's make sure he hears our message, loud and clear -- no trophy hunt of Greater Yellowstone's irreplaceable grizzly bears! Yellowstone's grizzlies are counting on you!

Tell WY Governor Mead: Vulnerable grizzlies deserve coexistence and full recovery -- not to be killed for a trophy on a wall! 

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Grizzly mother nursing cubs near Fishing Bridge, Yellowstone National Park. Credit: National Park Service