Tell Congress: Replace NAFTA with a trade deal that protects the environment and workers!

For too long, our trade deals benefited wealthy corporations at the expense of workers and the environment. As the United States, Canada, and Mexico negotiate NAFTA’s replacement, we have a timely opportunity to lay out our demands and influence our members of Congress, who will have the final say on any deal.

Now is the time for Congress to be outspoken in support of workers and the environment. As negotiations continue, we can’t allow corporate interests to dominate the discussion. 

Progressive senators including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand already released a list of requirements for a “People First” NAFTA replacement. Among their demands are more transparent negotiations, binding labor and environmental standards, support for climate action, and a deal that benefits communities across borders.

Tell your member of Congress to demand a NAFTA replacement that puts people and the planet first!

People & Planet

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