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Stop Puget Sound Energy from doubling down on fossil fuels!

Join the chorus: no coal, no gas, no LNG!

Puget Sound Energy's (PSE) most recent long-term plan lacks the vision for a carbon-free future that Washington residents expect from our state's largest utility. 

The plan projects that Colstrip will continue to pump coal-fired electric onto PSE's grid as late as 2035! This flies in the face of trends in the energy industry, where coal plants are being forced to retire years ahead of schedule due to competition from cheaper and cleaner alternatives. 

PSE's long-term plan also calls for new fracked gas plants, locking Washington into fossil fuels for at least another 30 years. Equally alarming, PSE is moving swiftly to build an eight million gallon liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Tacoma despite strong local opposition from the Puyallup Tribe and beyond.

And they'll be passing the cost of this reckless fossil fuel investment onto you and the rest of their customers.  

TAKE ACTION! Call on regulators to reject any plan that does not include a commitment to get off coal-fired electricity from the Colstrip coal plant by 2025 and explicitly reject new fossil fuel infrastructure, including LNG. 

Join the chorus: no coal, no gas, no liquefied natural gas!
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Puget Sound Energy’s long-term plan lacks the vision for a carbon-free future that Washington residents expect from our state’s largest utility. I call on you to use your existing authority to defend the public interest by rejecting any plan that does not address getting coal-fired electricity from Colstrip off the utility’s grid by 2025 and explicitly exclude new fossil fuel infrastructure, including liquefied natural gas (LNG). PSE’s stubborn addiction to fossil fuels puts ratepayers at great financial risk. The spectacular drop in the price of renewable energy is already disrupting energy markets worldwide, and costs will only continue to fall. Continued investment in coal and other fossil fuels saddles the utility with debt that will hinder its ability to utilize new technologies that provide more reliable, cleaner power at lower cost. It also puts customers at risk of sudden fuel cost hikes. Fossil fuel prices are inherently volatile, and a carbon price is inevitable. By continuing to invest in fossil fuels, PSE is also forcing its customers to pay for their own destruction. We cannot mitigate climate change’s most disastrous effects if we lock ourselves into another 30 years of fossil fuels by building new gas infrastructure. Methane escapes at every stage in the gas life-cycle, and it is 87 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping the earth’s heat over a 20-year span. Fracked gas is not a “bridge” fuel; it is a wall against clean energy. PSE has responded to overwhelming customer demand for clean energy by offering “boutique” energy programs that allow customers with deep pockets to ensure that their operations run clean. This is not good enough. It is time for Puget Sound Energy to deliver a plan to make clean energy accessible for all and to fully decarbonize its grid: no coal, no fracked gas, and no LNG.
Pictured: Sierra Club volunteers at the Carbon-Free PSE Regional Summit in June 2017