Tell Congress to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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The Arctic Refuge is one of America's last truly wild places -- home to polar bears, caribou, and migratory birds from around the world. But the budget currently before Congress would allow drilling in the Refuge. The Arctic is already warming at twice the rate as the rest of the country, and it could never recover from the damage caused by oil rigs.

Since September, thousands of people across the country have taken action in support of the Refuge. Your messages, calls, and rallies in support of the Refuge are turning “Yes” votes into “No” votes -- and we need to keep the pressure on. Just last week, we held rallies in DC and across the country and hand-delivered petition signatures at district offices in a dozen states.

With every hearing and vote, Congress comes closer and closer to a final budget. It’s up to activists like you to make voting for a budget that allows drilling in the Arctic Refuge a politically toxic move. We won’t stop until they remove it from the budget once and for all.

Tell Congress to reject this destructive budget proposal and protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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