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Make Sure Your State Spends Volkswagen Settlement on Electric Vehicles

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Right now, your state needs input on what do with millions of dollars -- its share of the $2.7 billion Volkswagen settled with the Department of Justice after they were caught cheating on vehicle emissions tests in 2015.

This is a critical opportunity to allocate as much of the money as possible to electric vehicles so we can accelerate our commitment to greenhouse gas reductions.

Vulnerable communities need support as well. While we all have suffered from Volkswagen’s excess fossil fuel pollution, it is women, children, and families of color that are disproportionately impacted when it comes to air pollution, climate change, and public transportation.

As states start accepting proposals for distributing the money, already fossil fuel interests are lobbying to use these funds for things like natural gas and “clean diesel” vehicles. Our voices together can outweigh the influence of corporate polluters as long as we get on record for this money to go toward cleaner cars and ensuring this money is distributed justly throughout state. 

Don’t miss this chance to steer your state's major transportation investment toward an all-electric future!

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Invest Volkswagen settlement in green infrastructure and prioritize underserved communities
I’m writing to urge you to officially apply for the VW funds available to accelerate electric vehicle adoption in our state. This money will flow from the Environmental Mitigation Trust, created by Volkswagen as part of the recent settlement. Taking advantage of this funding will mean less money sent out of state for petroleum, more in-state jobs, better vehicles for your constituents, less carbon pollution, and cleaner, healthier air. The settlement funds also present a unique opportunity to eliminate decades of air pollution hotspots. In the programs you support with these funds, I urge you to prioritize environmental justice and the communities hit hardest by air pollution. I also encourage you to work with the beneficiary agency to allocate funds that will best speed our transition to a clean transportation future. These include: - Spending the full 15% of funds allowed to be spent on electric vehicle charging stations - Investing in electric transit and school buses - Investing in electric vehicle fleets for government - Supporting other vehicle electrification programs I encourage you to not use the funding for natural gas, propane, or diesel vehicles. Further dependence on fossil fuels still means more pollution, and only a transition to electric vehicles and investing in EV infrastructure will make it possible to have a transportation sector that is eventually 100% clean.
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