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Enough! Demand Sec. Zinke and Administrator Pruitt resign

Sec. Zinke and Administrator Pruitt

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price resigned because of scandals over his abuse of private travel funded by taxpayers. But he’s not the only member of President Trump’s cabinet who’s abused taxpayer dollars.

Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt have also spent close to a million taxpayer dollars on superfluous travel and other expenses.  

In June, Zinke spent $12,000 on a charter flight in an oil executive’s jet, when commercial options were available for as little as $300. And Pruitt has racked up nearly a million dollars in abusive spending since taking office. He’s doubled his personal security detail, is constructing an unnecessary private soundproof office, and spent nearly $58,000 worth of private chartered and military flights.

This is ALL at the expense of hardworking Americans. This is irresponsible and unacceptable, and they must resign for this gross misconduct.

Send an email to them now, demanding them to follow Secretary Price’s lead and resign immediately.

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As you know, Secretary Price has resigned, due to increasing criticism over his superfluous and wasteful travel expenses. But, recent media has reported that you have also spent hardworking Americans’ taxpayer dollars on private chartered and military flights, when cheaper options were available. From Sec. Zinke’s recent $12,000 charter flight on an oil executive’s jet to Administrator Pruitt’s $58,000 worth of private flights since February and more, this abuse of power and money is unacceptable. These actions are a disgrace to your position and must be accounted for. Please resign immediately.