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Don’t let Congress cut crucial health and environment funding OR fund a harmful border wall

U.S. Capitol

Congress must pass a funding bill in order to prevent a government shutdown on October 1st. The clock is ticking.

But where that funding goes is key. Republican leaders are considering deep cuts to the EPA, the Department of Interior, and other important programs. We must tell our members of Congress that slashing these funds would threaten your clean air, water, climate, and public lands.

At the same time, President Trump is demanding money for his wasteful border wall. We have to stand against this divisive wall and its threat to the local ecosystem.

The current proposals are unacceptable. And dangerous.

Tell your members of Congress to pass a clean funding bill, without dirty riders that line the pockets of polluters and put the health of our communities at risk.
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The proposed cuts to the EPA's, Department of Interior's, and other agencies' budget and staff are a threat to the health and well-being of our communities and the environment. These cuts will mean more dirty air, dirty water in my community. Congress must not cut basic enforcement or cleanup programs, as these will mean dirtier air and water in our communities. Similar cuts to national parks, forests, and public lands are also not acceptable -- these lands are set aside for all of us and must be conserved and preserved. I also oppose the curtailing of critical offshore wind energy development off the coast of Maryland. Slashing the EPA's budget and decimating its ability to enforce our laws and rules will come with casualties. Rates of asthma attacks and heart attacks will spike, premature deaths related to pollution will increase, and climate change will accelerate. I also oppose the funding of the president’s border wall. It is a waste of resources and a sign of anti-immigrant sentiments toward our neighbors. Plus, a physical barrier will further harm the local ecosystem. President Trump has requested to shutdown the government over the wall funding, we must standfirm and protect our neighbors homes, property, keep families together and not fund the border wall. Please do not waste valuable tax dollars on an ineffective and divisive wall. You must also not accept any riders or amendments which open up pristine areas like the Arctic Refuge for drilling. These backdoors deals put our lands, air, water, and climate at risk while only benefiting a few.
Photo credit: Richard Ricciardi