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Weigh in on Dominion's Long-Term Energy Plans!

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The State Corporation Commission is reviewing Dominion’s plan for Virginia’s energy future -- known as the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) -- and they are seeking input from Virginians like you, until September 18th.

If Dominion has its way, we'll have an outdated electric system that relies on fossil fuels like coal and fracked gas, results in carbon emissions and air and water pollution, and ignores the benefits of clean and cost-effective renewable energy sources. And Virginia will continue to lag behind its neighbors, like North Carolina, in terms of installed solar resources. 

While Dominion claims a commitment to clean energy in Virginia, the IRP falls disappointingly short. We need to let the Commission know that Virginians want Dominion to incorporate more clean energy sources like wind and solar, not lock our state into another half-century of fossil fuel burning. 

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I'm writing regarding Dominion Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan, Case No. PUR-2017-00051. I must say, it was disheartening to learn that Dominion's plan contemplates a continued reliance on expensive and risky fossil fuel power generation instead of shifting to clean, cost-effective, homegrown sources of power like wind and solar. Costs for clean energy are falling rapidly. Dominion itself recognizes solar power is the cheapest form of energy on a per-kilowatt-hour basis, with wind power following close behind. Yet Dominion’s plan does not include the addition of any onshore wind power and anticipates only token increases in solar power. This plan, if approved, sets ratepayers up for failure. Rather than focusing on lowering our rates by investing in energy efficiency and cleaner, cheaper sources of energy, Dominion Energy wants to keep running expensive, dirty coal plants and to build new gas and nuclear plants we don’t even need. I am especially concerned with future costs to ratepayers associated with stranded assets once fossil fuel power plants are retired early to meet anticipated carbon pollution limits. For example, Governor McAuliffe is proposing regulations that would cap and reduce carbon emissions, yet Dominion’s IRP still calls for increases in total carbon emissions. I ask the commission to reject Dominion's Integrated Resource Plan and require Dominion to submit a plan that focuses on using energy more efficiently; retiring dirty, expensive coal plants; and investing more in wind and solar power.