Stand Against Trump's Attacks on Clean Cars

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Americans overwhelmingly want cleaner, more efficient cars. The current clean car standards help drivers save money at the pump, reduce dangerous pollution, and spur innovation and investment that supports two hundred eighty-eight thousand manufacturing and engineering jobs making clean vehicles in the U.S.

Cleaner car standards are working by making new cars safer and more efficient, and America's families are seeing real savings and benefits.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and the Trump Administration want to roll back existing fuel efficiency standards to line the pockets of big oil, at the expense of ordinary Americans and our health. Trump and Pruitt would prefer to only listen to their industry cronies, which is why we need to raise our voices louder than ever now. Take action: tell your senators to tell Trump and Pruitt to protect public health and the planet, not corporate polluters!

The historic vehicle efficiency standards set by the Obama administration are already a proven success. Cars and trucks are more efficient than ever before, and the current goal of raising the average fuel economy of passenger vehicles to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 would significantly reduce oil use and cut climate pollution by as much as 6 billion metric tons. That's equivalent to the annual carbon pollution from 150 coal-fired power plants.

Consumers are also saving money at the pump, with these standards expected to save American families more than $1.7 trillion in fuel costs by 2025. The auto industry is innovating and creating jobs, and auto workers are assembling ever-more advanced vehicles that consumers want to buy. These standards have led to more than half a million Americans switching to electric vehicles that rely on little to no oil at all.

When President Obama proposed stronger efficiency standards in 2009, automakers, labor groups, and environmental advocates agreed that the standards were important, realistic, and achievable. But now, Trump and automakers like Ford and GM are turning their backs on the public and the planet. Putting more gas guzzlers on the road will increase smog, asthma attacks, and endanger the health of our communities.

Your senators need to hear that people like you oppose Scott Pruitt and the Trump Administration’s attempts to roll back fuel efficiency standards. Send them a message now!

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