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Tell the Forest Service not to let this magnificent National Forest be bulldozed for coal profits!

Colorado’s West Elk Wilderness has been under federal protection since 1964, and it’s not hard to imagine why. It’s home to thousands of elk and deer, as well as the rarer black bear and lynx. Its many mountain passes lead to secluded and seldom-seen valleys filled with beaver ponds and lined with trembling aspen that turn a fantastic and indescribable gold in September. Protected lands like these are part of what makes America great. 

Now, Trump’s Interior Department and Forest Service are prepared to let the second largest U.S. coal producer devastate these lands -- unless we can stop them.
If Arch Coal’s permit is granted, the company will be allowed to rip out 17 million tons of coal next to Colorado’s iconic West Elk Wilderness. Thousands of acres of unique ecosystem would be damaged in the process. Now is the time to push back against this terrible plan and defend our National Forests. 

The Forest Service public comment period on Arch’s proposal is open until July 24th. Let’s make sure the official record shows the truth -- the American public wants to protect our public lands, not sacrifice them to the coal industry. 

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RE: Federal Coal Lease Modifications COC-1362 and COC-67232
I write to urge the U.S. Forest Service to reject Arch Coal's plan to bulldoze roads, drill exploratory wells and lease coal within the beautiful Sunset Roadless Area. The Sunset Roadless Area is home to beaver and black bear, elk and goshawk, and provides habitat for the imperiled lynx. Arch Coal's proposal to scrape more than 6 miles of roads and nearly 50 drilling pads would degrade this vibrant forest. Valued recreation and hunting areas would be needlessly scarred for years to benefit a single corporation. The lease would also allow Arch to mine over 17 million tons of coal and vent methane directly into the atmosphere. These climate impacts must not be ignored. Over the last few years the West Elk mine has become the largest single source of industrial methane pollution in the state. The Forest Service should not sacrifice Colorado’s protected ecosystems, tourism potential and the health of our climate for this short-sighted corporate proposal. Please keep the Sunset Roadless Area as it is. Reject Arch Coal's drilling, bulldozing and lease proposal.