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Protect our Oceans from Big Oil and Gas

Keep Big Oil of our oceans

The Trump administration's attempt to roll back environmental protections continues.

Trump is scrapping President Obama's work to permanently protect the Arctic and Atlantic oceans from Big Oil and Gas and has ordered the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to develop a new five-year plan for offshore drilling, creating the potential for wide-scale disaster in our oceans.

Disaster after disaster has shown that Big Oil and Gas cannot be trusted. Their track record includes the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, a failed attempt by Shell to drill in the Arctic Ocean, the Deepwater Horizon tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, a major oil spill off the Santa Barbara coast, and the oil spill and leak of gas in Alaska’s Cook Inlet. These tragedies cannot be allowed to happen again.

Together, we will not allow this proposed plan to jeopardize our communities, waters, and wildlife. Tell BOEM that the people have already spoken -- no drilling off our coasts!

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Public comment on the proposed 2019-2024 OCS program
I am deeply disappointed in your decision to reopen the five-year offshore drilling planning process. Over the last multi-year process, 3.3 million public comments and 36 public meetings went into creating this plan. It is an incredible waste of public resources to reopen that recently concluded process. In addition, this decision flies in the face of permanent protections that exist in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans: protections that people like me support, and must remain in place to protect American waters, communities, and wildlife. The previous administration didn't propose drilling in the Pacific because of the steadfast opposition of western coastal states. Opposition to proposals for oil leases in the Atlantic and Arctic was also incredibly strong, and those were eventually dropped as well. This is true even in Republican-led states, like North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, where 90% of coastal cities passed resolutions against offshore drilling and/or seismic testing. Similarly, Shell gave up its plans to pursue oil in the Arctic because of the strong public opposition and extreme costs, risks, and difficulty of doing so. It simply doesn't make sense to go against the public will and waste taxpayer money on reconsidering the 2019-2024 offshore oil lease plan. Please protect our oceans and coastlines from new offshore oil development.
Photo Credit: Steven Kazlowski