Add your name to condemn Donald Trump's reckless abandonment of the Paris Climate Agreement!

In a historic display of ignorance, President Donald Trump just announced he plans to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Donald Trump is making a shameful and historic mistake. Our grandchildren will look back on with stunned dismay at how a world leader could be so divorced from reality and morality. He is abandoning millions of Americans who will bear the brunt of climate disruption -- from record floods to droughts and hurricanes that destroy people's homes and livelihoods.

Leaving the agreement is also an outrageous abandonment of American leadership. The move puts the Trump alongside Syria's Bashar Al Assad as one of only three world leaders keeping their countries out of the climate accord. With almost 70% of Americans supporting the Paris Agreement -- including majorities in every state -- it’s clear that Donald Trump’s reckless action is completely out of step with the wishes of most Americans.

Add your name now: Condemn Donald Trump’s reckless withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and his appalling abandonment of American climate leadership!

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore