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Protect our Clean Air, Water, Climate, and Public Lands from Trump's budget cuts!

Image of dirty water, asthma, and park closures

Trump's proposed budget cuts mean hundreds of thousands of more asthma attacks, heart attacks, and premature deaths from slashing basic enforcement and cleanup programs, meaning dirtier air and water, all thanks to giant giveaways to corporate polluters.

Luckily, presidents don't set the final budget, Congress does. When Trump and anti-environment radicals tried to make these cuts earlier this year, your calls and emails shut it down-- protecting funding for the EPA, national parks, and clean air and water.

Tell your member of Congress to protect our air, water, public lands and climate. Budget cuts like these have real impacts on real people in your communities. 

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Oppose Trump's budget cuts to clean air, water, climate, and public lands
Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to the EPA's, Department of Interior's, and other agencies' budget and staff are a threat to the health and well-being of our communities and the environment. For 45 years, the EPA has protected Americans from the dangers of pollution – enforcing common sense safeguards like the Clean Air and Water Acts and protecting us from mercury, arsenic and soot from power plant smokestacks, acid rain, sulfur dioxides, radon and pesticides that threaten food and water. Backsliding to the days when smog filled our cities, our rivers burned from pollution, and we drank contaminated water should not be an option -- we cannot afford to put lives at risk, especially just to boost polluter profits. Congress must not cut basic enforcement or cleanup programs, as these will mean dirtier air and water in our communities. Similar cuts to national parks, forests, and public lands are also not acceptable-- these lands are set aside for all of us and must be conserved and preserved. Slashing the EPA's budget and decimating its ability to enforce our laws and rules will come with casualties. Rates of asthma attacks and heart attacks will spike, premature deaths related to pollution will increase, and climate change will accelerate. As Congress, you have the power of the purse: please ensure that the EPA, DOI, BLM, etc have the budget and staff needed to carry out its mission to protect our air, water, and communities.