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Defend Pennsylvania's ability to protect the environment and public health!

The Pennsylvania Senate is considering a bill (SB 561) that would make it very difficult for the executive branch to adopt new environmental and public health protections.

Any new regulation would need to be approved by both the House and the Senate within 15 legislative days or 90 calendars, whichever comes first, or the regulation essentially dies.

​Moreover, by giving each chamber an effective veto over new regulations and denying the governor the ability to veto these legislative decisions, the bill would skew the balance of powers among our branches of state government and is likely unconstitutional.

Send a message to your state senator urging them to oppose this regulation which would make it harder for the executive branch to do it's job of protecting public health and the environment.

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Vote No on SB 561
I oppose SB 561, and am asking you to vote against it. This legislation would make it unnecessarily difficult for the executive branch to protect the environment and public health. The legislature already has the ability to review and object to new regulations. This bill would put politics ahead of public health, skew the balance of power in our democracy and may be unconstitutional. Please vote no on SB 561. Thank you.