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Tell the Trump Administration: Don't Abandon the Paris Climate Agreement!

Imagine Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Rex Tillerson, Scott Pruitt, and Jared Kushner seated around a table in the White House deciding whether the U.S. will abandon its commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. According to Politico, key Trump advisers will gather soon to consider just that.

Under the Obama administration, the United States was a leader in crafting the historic Paris Climate Agreement. Now the Trump administration is debating two terrible options -- backing out of the agreement altogether or breaking our promise to significantly reduce our carbon pollution.

Tell the Trump Administration: Don’t abandon the Paris Agreement or weaken U.S. climate commitments!

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I’m troubled by news reports that indicate the Trump Administration is discussing either abandoning or weakening our commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. Either of these actions would significantly undermine American leadership around the globe. By ceding leadership on climate action, we risk falling behind other nations in the transition to renewable energy. Americans are broadly supportive of climate action and shifting from dirty fuels to clean energy. States and cities are already stepping up their commitments to meet the challenge of climate change. The United States backing out of the Paris Agreement or weakening its climate commitments would send the wrong message to Americans and people around the globe. Please abandon plans to leave the Paris Climate Agreement or weaken our climate commitments.
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Gage Skidmore (Pruitt, Trump, and Bannon)
UNC - CFC - USFK (Tillerson)
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Kushner)