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Save the Great Lakes from the Trump Administration!

In his first budget President Trump has doubled-down on his negligent disregard for the environment, public health, and future generations. Trump’s proposed budget slashes funding for the EPA by 31% and eliminates 3,200 employees. Included in these cuts, is a complete defunding of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI).

The GLRI provides critical funding for environmental and public health projects in Ohio used to improve water quality, protect and restore wetlands, clean up contaminated areas a and keep beaches open. Since 2010 Ohio has received more than $182 million to implement 192 projects. 

Despite past investments, Lake Erie continues to face significant challenges. Toxic algal blooms plague Lake Erie annually and have been increasing in frequency and severity over the last several years. Protecting Lake Erie is critical for protecting the drinking water for 3 million Ohioans, preserving unique recreational opportunities, and safeguarding a significant economic driver for the state. Annually, over $12.8 billion is spent by visitors to Ohio’s Lake Erie region, accounting for almost 30% of the state’s annual tourism dollars and supporting nearly 119,000 jobs in northern Ohio.

The GLRI is critical to protecting Ohio’s environment and public health. Tell Senators Brown and Portman to reject the defunding of the GLRI.

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Algae Bloom in Lake Eerie

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore // Photo by Jack Darin Illinois Sierra Club Chapter Director
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Protect Ohio's Great Lakes Region!
Please protect Lake Erie. Donald Trump has proposed a complete elimination of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI). This dangerous proposal is a shocking abandonment of crucial, successful efforts to protect our drinking water and the most important natural asset for Ohio and our entire region. The GLRI is critical to Ohioans health and economic prosperity. GLRI funding plays an essential role in protecting our drinking water, creating jobs, protecting public health, and keeping our beaches open. Annually, over $12.8 billion is spent by visitors to Ohio’s Lake Erie region, accounting for almost 30% of the state’s annual tourism dollars. Additionally, Lake Erie supports nearly 119,000 jobs in northern Ohio. Budgets are much more than numbers, they are statements of values and priorities. Protecting Lake Erie is not a partisan issue. Trump’s Great Lakes cuts should be dead on arrival for all members of Ohio’s Congressional delegation. By eliminating the GLRI President Trump is cutting good jobs supported by strong tourism, he is cutting the cleanup of toxic pollution in our drinking water, and he is cutting off hope for communities that rely on these resources. Please fully fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. I'm counting on you to save Lake Erie.