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TAKE ACTION: Stop the Rollbacks on #CleanerCars Standards!

Take action to boost freight truck fuel efficiency!

President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt want to roll back fuel efficiency standards that will protect our air and save drivers money at the pump. They want to give a big gift to Big Oil and auto executives by weakening the rules that cut down on gas guzzlers and climate pollution.

Passenger cars drive America’s oil consumption, accounting for 45 percent of oil used in the U.S. While our cars have been a major part of our climate problem, cleaner cars are part of the solution. The historic vehicle efficiency standards set by the Obama administration are already a proven success. Cars and trucks are more efficient than ever before. Consumers are saving money at the pump, the auto industry is innovating, and auto workers are assembling ever-more advanced vehicles that consumers want to buy. These standards have led to more than half a million Americans switching to electric vehicles that rely on little to no oil at all.

When President Obama proposed stronger efficiency standards in 2009, automakers, labor groups, and environmental advocates agreed that the standards were important, realistic, and achievable. But now, Donald Trump and automakers like Ford are turning their backs on the public and the planet. Putting more gas guzzlers on the road will increase smog, asthma attacks, and endanger the health of our communities.

These standards are giving consumers a wide range of efficient vehicle options. From minivans to sedans to pickup trucks, cars will use less gas and save drivers money at the pump. And with innovations from conventional internal combustion engines to hybrid electric and plug-in electric vehicles, automakers have the technology available to meet these goals.

American families deserve better, more efficient cars that save money and save lives. The Trump administration should NOT reverse the progress that is already being achieved. Take action now: urge EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to protect our progress and stop the rollbacks on these critical cleaner cars standards!

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Administrator Pruitt: Cleaner cars standards are working. Do NOT roll back progress!
I am in strong support of the historic vehicle efficiency standards set by the EPA in January 2017. These standards will double the efficiency of the average vehicle by 2025 and save consumers $1.7 trillion dollars at the pump. At the same time, these standards will significantly reduce oil use and cut carbon pollution by more than 6 billion metric tons - more than the entire emissions from the United States in 2010. Strong vehicle standards also fuel the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers in the global market. Improving fuel efficiency standards ensures that U.S. manufacturers have the certainty to invest in U.S. advanced technology and make the best vehicles. Countries around the world are tightening fuel efficiency standards and U.S. automakers should be leaders in selling to the global marketplace. That will keep auto industry jobs strong here at home. Turning the clock back on emissions standards will also increase dangerous smog pollution and asthma attacks. The EPA is empowered to protect the health and welfare of Americans and to preserve the natural environment. It would be a failure of your duty to disregard clear scientific and technical evidence that supports upholding these life-saving, cost-cutting regulations. These standards are working by making new cars safer and more efficient, and America’s families are seeing real savings and benefits. I urge you to keep them moving forward.