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Stand with Bears Ears

Stand Up for Bears Ears

Ryan Zinke -- a Congressman with a lifetime record of voting against the environment 96% of the time according to the League of Conservation VotersĀ -- is now the head of the Department of the Interior. His confirmation jeopardizes the future of our public lands, and the people, wildlife, and economies that depend on them.

Now that our public lands face an uncertain future, many of the places President Obama protected are threatened once again. One of the first efforts by this pro-dirty fuels administration could be to jeopardize or even undo protections for Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah. These lands are sacred to five Native American tribes with ancestral and spiritual ties to these lands. We cannot allow this work to be undone.

Ask your members of Congress to tell Interior Secretary Zinke that Bears Ears National Monument must not be plundered for the financial benefit of the few.

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Stand with Bears Ears
I am concerned by that Rep. Zinke is now Secretary of the Department of the Interior. How can a person with strong ties to the fossil fuel industry and an anti-environmental congressional voting record be responsible for managing millions of acres of public land for the public interest? I want to see our public lands protected for future generations to enjoy, not plundered for the financial benefit of the few. I also believe Secretary Zinke must stand behind our public lands and stand up for tribal sovereignty, not consider rolling back protections for places like Bear Ears National Monument. For years, Tribal Nations with ancestral and spiritual ties to the 1.35 million acres that make up Bears Ears have fought to protect this place. The value of Bears Ears lies in its long history as a sacred place for the Navajo, Hopi, Ute Mountain Ute, Ute Indian, and Pueblo of Zuni. Please pay attention to the actions of a Zinke-led Department of Interior and be prepared to protect our public lands for generations to come.
Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management