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A bill introduced in Congress February 3 is designed "To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency." Trump's proposed budget would gut the agency and eliminate popular programs to do basic environmental cleanup

This is not hyperbole. This is not a drill. This bill, the budget proposal, the nomination of Scott Pruitt and leaked Trump administration plans all paint a disturbing picture of the Trump Administration's plans. Budget cuts would handcuff the agency's ability to propose, implement, and enforce our nations environmental laws. It would prevent the EPA from carrying out its mission to protect public health and the environment or ensure necessities like clean air and clean water for all. Polluters would be unchecked, and even programs that are popular in red states, like Superfund cleanups, would go away. 

The good news is, we're fighting back. People have already hit the streets against this radical agenda. Join them by sending a message to your Representative and Senators to tell them to oppose this and any other attempt to eliminate the EPA.
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Save the EPA!! Oppose HR 861 and major budget cuts to the EPA
Any attempt to eliminate the EPA or slash its budget would irreparably harm our health and communities. We depend on the EPA to protect our air, water and climate from harm. Without them, not only would it become open season on the environment for big polluters, but you would eliminate even the most basic of programs like grants to clean up brownfields and Superfund sites. The EPA also performs the most basic of functions like monitoring air quality in our communities, ensuring our water is safe to drink, and enforcing protections from industrial discharge of toxic water pollution. They protect our air from increased emissions of mercury, arsenic, lead, soot, and the pollution that causes smog. When EPA oversight is lax, or eliminated, we can expect more incidents like the Flint water crisis or disputes between states when fugitive emissions cross state lines. The EPA is an essential part of our government that was founded with bipartisan support and remains popular across the country. Oppose this and any other action which undermines EPA's ability to protect public health.