Oppose Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump's Nominee for the Supreme Court

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Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch is outside the mainstream on almost every issue and unfit to serve. If confirmed, he would serve on the Court for decades, possibly putting the environment, as well as other top issues, at risk for generations. We cannot allow someone so radical to serve on the highest court in the land.

Over the last eight years, hundreds of thousands of Sierra Club members and supporters rallied, signed official public comments, testified in public hearings, and fought to expand protections for our environment. A rogue Supreme Court could undermine all of those, undoing everything we've worked so hard to protect. Among issues the Supreme Court could take up just over the next few years include:

  • President Obama's signature Clean Power Plan, which put the first ever limits on CO2 emissions from power plants
  • The Waters of the US Rule, which expands clean water protections to streams and wetlands which one in three Americans depend on for clean water
  • Clean air protections designed to make states clean up pollution that crosses state lines
  • Protections against the pollutants that form smog
  • Protections against dangerous sulfur dioxide, which is like "getting a sunburn on your lungs" and leads to increased asthma attacks
  • Protections against mercury, arsenic, and other toxic heavy metals 
And that's just the next few years. Don't let someone be put on the Supreme Court who would put both our environment and basic rights in danger. Tell your senator to oppose his nomination now.


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