Take Action: Show Your Support for the Endangered Species Act

Grizzly bears

Republican lawmakers have had their sights set on the Endangered Species Act for years, and now see an opportunity with the Trump administration to reduce much of the law's influence. They've long claimed it is a hindrance to economic development, including mining and logging. The proposed reforms would place a cap on how many species could be protected, put limits on lawsuits used to maintain protections, and allow states to have a greater leverage on the process. 

This landmark 1973 law has protected thousands of species over the decades, and is essential to fighting back against mass extinctions caused by climate change and environmental degradation. 

Changes to the Endangered Species Act could potentially cause the removal of vulnerable species from the list to pave the way for development in their habitats. It could make it more difficult to add species experiencing habitat loss due to climate change. 

Take action now to stand in opposition to the gutting of the Endangered Species Act!


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