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Right now, Trump and Congress are trying to overturn important safeguards put in place by the Obama Administration to reduce methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently finalized protections that would require companies extracting oil and gas from public lands to reduce their methane emissions.

These standards would not only help reduce pollution but could save taxpayers money. When companies extract oil and natural gas from public lands, the BLM collects revenue on our behalf. Inefficient practices that allow leaking of gas cost taxpayers revenue the BLM could be collecting. The manufacturing and installation of technology to plug these leaks can also boost US manufacturing and create jobs.

That’s why these protections are a win-win-win: they are common sense standards that save taxpayers money, keep our communities healthier, and create good jobs.

But now the new Congress and Trump administration want to use a dangerous and powerful tool to rollback these important protections. The Congressional Review Act (CRA) allows Congress to override recently issued rules, going back months under President Obama. The CRA would not only block the current standards, but would also prevent any similar standards to ever be issued, letting the oil and gas industry off the hook indefinitely. And it could happen any day now.

We cannot afford to go backward, our public health and climate depend on it. 

Take action now: send a message to your senators in Congress urging them to vote NO on the CRA, and to stop any rollbacks on our environmental and public health protections!

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Protect our health and the BLM Methane Rule. Vote NO on the CRA!
I write to urge you to oppose any effort to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to overturn the Bureau of Land Management’s Methane and Natural Gas Waste Rule. The BLM rule is a common sense policy to reduce waste and benefit our environment and our economy. It helps to protect taxpayer resources and to keep our air and water clean. Currently, more than $330 million worth of gas is leaked or vented on public and tribal lands each year, meaning that taxpayers could lose out on $800 million in royalties over the next decade due to venting and flaring of this gas. Leaking, venting, and flaring from gas and dangerous pollutants put our families at considerable health risk while wasting taxpayer money. We need to hold polluters accountable for outdated and reckless practices that put the American people and our environment in danger. That’s why a CRA vote to scrap standards limiting gas waste, a key contributor to climate change, is unacceptable. Leaked gas contains volatile organic compounds, benzene, and other hazardous air pollutants that are known carcinogens and asthma irritants. If the Resolution of Disapproval passes, the Bureau of Land Management is prevented from issuing a rule that is “substantially the same” in the future without an act of Congress. I request that you support these commonsense standards that help to protect our health, our environment, and American taxpayers.

Sen. Michael F. Bennet
US Senator (CO)

Sen. Cory S. Gardner
US Senator (CO)