Thank President Obama for protecting our Arctic and Atlantic oceans!

Thank President Obama for protecting the Arctic!

In a joint announcement with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Obama permanently protected nearly the entire Arctic Ocean and a part of the Atlantic Ocean! 

Over 118 million acres of America’s Arctic and Atlantic Oceans will now be off limits to fossil fuel exploration and drilling. This historic announcement is a win for coastal communities, our climate, and wildlife.

From forging the Paris climate agreement, to the Clean Power Plan, to protecting the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, President Obama has built a climate legacy without equal. Now, he has protected 115 million acres of the Arctic Ocean, excluding only 2.9 million acres which have previously been leased near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. In the Atlantic Ocean, Obama has protected 3.8 million acres, stretching from Massachusetts to Maryland.

Thank President Obama for continuing his climate legacy by permanently protecting our Arctic and Atlantic oceans from Big Oil.

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