Tell the EPA to stop increasing the use of harmful corn ethanol

Take action!

The use of corn ethanol is devastatingĀ our environment. Far from being a climate solution, corn ethanol is actually is a net producer of carbon emissions. The increasing industrial production of corn is also destroying local land and water resources. Highly erodible lands that were once set aside as conservation reserves are now being put into corn production, thereby replacing important ecological habitat and sources of biological diversity, and creating more pollution and sediment runoff into our waterways.

In addition, the federal mandate for increasing ethanol in our fuels has greatly increased the demand for corn. That may be good news for industrial producers, but it'sĀ also driven up corn prices, which ultimately makes food prices even higher for those who can least afford it. Food should not be diverted to our engines, especially when it doesn't even provide positive environmental benefits over conventional fuel sources. Our government should be investing in truly clean biofuels and electric vehicles, not dirty ethanol that hurts our climate, destroys land and water resources, and drives up food prices for millions.

Take action today and tell the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of ethanol!

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