Tell Volkswagen to Stop Fighting For Dirtier Air!

Auto manufacturers are already lining up to ask the Trump administration to roll back emissions regulations. It's more important than ever to fight for cleaner vehicles since transportation now accounts for more carbon pollution than any other U.S. source. These vehicle rules are already reducing dangerous air pollution and save consumers in fueling costs and shouldn’t be weakened.

Luckily, we have a chance to fight back. By convincing one or more of the automakers to oppose this move, we can work to keep pollution and efficiency standards right where they are. And the best first target? Volkswagen.

After duping millions of customers by inserting cheating devices on its “clean diesel” vehicles, Volkswagen started to move in the right direction by agreeing to compensate its U.S.-based customers, fund clean transportation programs, and invest in new electric vehicle model development. But now Volkswagen is moving in the wrong direction by supporting the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers in its recent letter to President-elect Trump urging the weakening of passenger vehicle fuel efficiency regulations.

Volkswagen's North American CEO, Hinrich J. Woebcken, can be made to listen given their recent troubles. Sign this petition to send him a message now!

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