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Victory: Arctic and Atlantic Oceans off limits to Big Oil

Photo Credit: Steven Kazlowski

Victory! President Obama has taken the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans off the table for Big Oil.

This decision has been years in making. Thanks to the tireless efforts of activists like you, the Obama administration listened. Now, Big Oil won’t be able to drill in and destroy the Arctic and Atlantic oceans from 2017 to 2022. This is an incredible victory for our oceans.

The removal of our waters from offshore drilling plans is critical to protecting coastal communities in Alaska and across the Eastern and seaboard. We must continue to build on these efforts to ensure all our coastal communities -- including the Gulf of Mexico -- are protected from the threat offshore drilling presents, The ultimate protection will be permanent -- a commitment to keep Big Oil out of our waters forever rather than revisiting their requests to drill every few years.

President-elect Trump has made no secret of his hope to allow Big Oil access to our public lands and waters. Together, we will continue to fight for our communities and our climate. President Obama’s climate legacy is also our climate legacy, and a reminder that we can be a force of change in any administration. 

Thank President Obama for protecting the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans and encourage him to use his authority to permanently protect our waters.

Photo Credit: Steven Kazlowski

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Thank you for protecting the Arctic and Atlantic oceans from fossil fuel development. From forging the Paris climate agreement to the Clean Power Plan, you have built a climate legacy without equal. Your administration’s decision safeguards the Arctic and the Atlantic oceans and helping ensure that the Arctic’s coastal communities may continue their way of life. Please continue your work to protect our climate and our communities by using your authority to permanently protecting our waters from Big Oil. The fossil fuel industry is relentless in their efforts to drill. By permanently protecting places like the Arctic Ocean, you can stop these non-stop threats and potential disasters.