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Tell the World Bank to stop financing fossil fuels!

The World Bank released an alarming report earlier this month detailing the costs of air pollution around the world in lives lost and economic opportunity wasted.

Among the findings -- air pollution is now the fourth leading risk factor for deaths worldwide, with 1 in 10 deaths related to exposure to bad air. These deaths also impact families who lose loved ones and the household income they earn. In 2013 alone, the World Bank estimated $225 billion in lost labor income due to premature deaths from air pollution worldwide.

The World Bank is admirably shining light on the impact of air pollution. So you might be surprised by the dirty little secret the Bank doesn’t disclose in its report:

In 2015, the World Bank Group financed more than $2 billion in oil, gas, and coal projects.

Tell World Bank President Jim Kim: Stop financing fossil fuels!
World Bank President Dr. Jim Yong Kim

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Stop financing fossil fuels!
The effects of climate change could push millions across the world into poverty. This reality needs to be met with a strong commitment from the World Bank to end funding for fossil fuel projects that would only make the climate crisis worse. I call on the World Bank to adopt stronger safeguards and more thorough reviews of the environmental and human rights impact of potential projects. The Bank should make a commitment to ending financing for fossil fuel projects as soon as possible and shift this funding to renewable energy projects. Clean energy has the potential to lift millions out of poverty and end our unhealthy reliance on fossil fuels. By shifting investment from dirty fuels to clean energy, the World Bank can play an important role in combatting climate change and lifting people out of poverty.