Tell President Obama to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Representative Don Young have wasted no time declaring their intent to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling. Their mission is emboldened under the Trump presidency, with a Congress controlled by Republicans.

The Coastal Plain of the Refuge is one of America's last wild places -- supporting the sacred birthing grounds of a caribou herd almost 170,000 animals strong, the nesting grounds of birds that migrate to all 50 states, and the denning grounds of the mighty polar bear. The Gwich’in Nation, whose home has been the Arctic since time immemorial, have called for permanent protection of the birthing grounds of the Porcupine Caribou herd for over 30 years.

For decades, the threat of drilling in the Arctic Refuge has been very real. And for decades people have spoken up to keep the oil and gas industry at bay. Now that the balance of power has shifted in an extraordinary way, we must work even harder to keep Big Oil and their drilling rigs out of the Refuge.

Tell President Obama to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge once and for all.

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