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Where I live, the Salton Sea provides a cool breeze on our worst air days, which is important because East Coachella and Imperial Valleys have some of the worst air in the nation. This is home for me and my family, and we shouldn't have to think about leaving. 

But if the state doesn't act soon, the receding Sea will cause fine dust from the lake bed to blow into the air. This will wreak havoc on surrounding communities already plagued by endemic respiratory illnesses and could make my home uninhabitable. 

The Salton Sea also provides a home for over 400 species of birds who stop there along their migratory route, who will have nowhere to go if we allow the Sea to recede without building habitat projects.

There are some great proposed solutions that provide multiple benefits to the area. Building habitat will protect birds and address air quality. Geothermal projects help with air quality and provide clean energy and good jobs for our communities.  

We need all our state decision-makers to prioritize getting these positive projects built.  Unless the state takes more action now, there will be a human health and ecological disaster when the Salton Sea starts to dramatically recede after 2017.   

Tell California's Secretary of Natural Resources that my home is a place worth saving -- we need solutions that benefit people, the ecosystem, and our climate.

-Ruben Garza, Sierra Club activist and East Coachella Valley resident
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