Ready for 100 percent clean energy this summer? Take the pledge to join #SummerOfSolar now!

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The time for 100% clean energy has come. Air and water pollution are putting our health at risk, undermining our quality of life, and jeopardizing our children’s future. We are too dependent on outdated and dirty fossil fuels, much of which come from foreign countries.

The good news is that clean energy is now cheaper than coal, oil, and gas in many places. Rooftop photovoltaic solar is booming, and in the first three quarters of 2015, the solar industry represented about 30 percent of all new electricity-generating capacity in the United States. The cost of solar has fallen by 80% in recent years. The solar industry already employs over 200,000 people, nearly twice as many people as the coal mining industry! And solar jobs grew 12 times faster than the overall economy this year. Which is to say, more clean energy - like solar - means cheaper, cleaner, and healthier energy for all!

Right now, the Ready for 100 Campaign is calling on our local leaders to commit to a just and equitable transition of our cities to 100% clean energy. 

Simultaneously, we're calling on YOU to pledge to join us for a #SummerOfSolar!

By signing the #SummerOfSolar Pledge, you're agreeing to (do one or all of these actions):
  • Support 100% clean energy -- especially solar!
  • Lead your leaders by example, and learn about your own homes' solar power potential!
  • Start or join a solar installation project -- help yourself, your neighbor, and/or your community members save energy and money!
  • Join one of our 100% Human Sun Aerial Art Project this summer -- happening nationwide!
  • Take your passion for solar to your friends and followers on social media with Tweets, Posts, and Instagrams -- #SummerOfSolar and #ReadyFor100
  • Enjoy those sunrays all summer long ☀
Are you ready for the #SummerOfSolar?

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