We need more choices than dirty energy from SDG&E

San Diego resident Stephanie Hernandez says that San Diego needs to adopt Community Choice Energy so that our community can have more clean energy at affordable rates.

Cities across California are listening to Stephanie's generation and creating a choice for electricity customers that delivers local control and more clean energy at affordable rates. San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside, and other cities in our region are thinking about doing the same. It’s called "Community Choice Energy," where a city creates a non-profit electricity provider to give us local control over rates and the type of energy we consume.

San Diego Gas & Electric doesn't want competition and is trying to prevent community choice energy from happening here. Your mayor and city council are under heavy pressure from them and need to know that the people they represent expect what so many other California cities already have -- a choice. 

Let your city leaders know that you want a clean energy choice!

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