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Across the United States, our communities are our strength. But right now, many are struggling, facing several crises at once.

The fossil fuel industry has put profits over people, creating an energy system that pollutes our air and water and fuels the climate crisis. "Business as usual" has created environmental injustices in cities and towns across the country -- but cleaner, cheaper, healthier renewable energy is here, ready to power us forward.

As we address climate change, we also have an opportunity to address racism, environmental injustices and threats to our democracy through our transition to 100% clean energy. It's time to follow the lead of people on the frontlines and move toward 100% clean energy for all.

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Already, over 100 million people live in a community with a 100% renewable electricity target. For years, Ready For 100 activists have supported cities to commit to power homes and businesses with 100% clean energy. Across communities big and small, we've developed a shared vision -- but words aren't enough to achieve justice. We need action.

We believe democracy and local agency are essential to an equitable transition from fossil fuels to 100% clean, renewable energy. From city to city, town to town, a better future is possible.

We can create a new energy economy that transforms not only how we power our country, but also who has power to decide what's best for our communities. Wherever you live, it's time to act. Let's make 100% clean energy for all a reality.

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