Protect our climate. End fossil fuel leasing from under our oceans & on public lands

Take action today!

Experts have acknowledged the need to begin keeping dirty fuels in the ground to protect our climate from the harmful effects of carbon pollution. Bold action to keep dirty fuels in the ground is also a key, absolutely necessary step in order to meet our international climate commitments made in Paris by the Obama administration.

However, under President Trump, the federal government is exacerbating climate disruption by leasing our public lands and oceans for dirty fuel extraction -- destructive activities like coal mining, fracking, and oil drilling.

It's clear that selling off fossil fuels on public lands -- including offshore drilling -- is incompatible with what scientists are telling us needs to be done to prevent climate catastrophe.

Take action today to urge President Trump to protect our climate by ending fossil fuel leasing under our oceans and on public lands.

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