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San Diego just went for 100 percent clean energy -- tell your mayor that you are ready for 100 percent too!


San Diego, just passed the strongest clean energy law of any other major U.S. city, in U.S. history. 

This law commits the city of San Diego, the 8th largest city in America, to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2035. 

The law says that San Diego will get 100% of its energy from clean energy sources by 2035, and sets a pathway to achieve that goal. The clean energy mandate is part of a bigger picture Climate Action Plan to reduce San Diego’s carbon pollution. In addition to 100% clean energy, the Climate Action Plan also addresses energy-efficient buildings, water conservation, and green transportation options such as bicycling, public transit, and more. 

Across the board, people in both red states and blue states are realizing that modernizing our cities with 100% clean and renewable energy will help create jobs and boost local economies. Cities like Aspen, CO, Georgetown, TX, and Burlington, VT, have already achieved 100% clean energy. And internationally, Vancouver, Paris, and Sydney are also going all-in on clean energy.

Pollution is simply too costly -- to our health, our wallets, and our communities. And that’s something both parties can agree on. 

Sign the petition to tell your mayor that you're ready for 100% clean and renewable energy too!​
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