Ask Lawmakers to Move Forward for Clean Energy

Michigan residents should be entitled to clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and affordable electricity. Depending on dirty fossil fuel energy sources like coal threatens the air we breathe and our Great Lakes, rivers and streams. In addition to harming our health, coal-generated electricity is expensive—coming in at almost twice the cost of recent wind contracts. Clean energy such as wind, solar and energy efficiency are the solution to these problems.

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Move Forward on Clean Energy
I am writing to ask you to: - Increase Michigan's renewable energy standard to 30% by 2030, as the Public Service Commission and Energy Office have all said is readily achievable. Michigan has the highest energy costs in the Midwest and this burdens our families and businesses. Data shows that renewable energy now costs less than all other forms of energy. - Increase Michigan's energy optimization standard from 1% to 2% annually. Whether it's a homeowner updating an old, inefficient furnace, a hospital installing a new lighting system, or a small-business owner adding insulation, energy efficiency benefits all of us. -Protect net metering beyond 2018. Ensuring that customers are able to produce their own energy and are allowed to either use that energy themselves or sell it back to a utility company at full price, not a wholesale or lowered price. These changes will help to rein in electricity costs, improve our public health, and clean up our air and water. I urge you to support these initiatives for the sake of myself, my family, and future generations!