The Traffic vs. Forests Fight Continues: YOUR Help Is Urgently Needed!

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Your previous action got the city's attention, but more pressure is needed!
Despite objections by 19 community and environmental organizations and more than 1,500 letters to the Mayor and Council, plans to construct two huge projects on Forest Drive in Annapolis continue to hang like a dark cloud over the city's two surviving forests and the quality of life for thousands of its residents.

• The projects call for 681 residences and 200,000 sq. ft. of commercial space on 140 acres.
• Fully 61 percent of the two surviving forests in the city would be bulldozed.
• Traffic on Forest Drive, already exceeding rush-hour capacity, would be slowed to a crawl.
• Overcrowded schools will become even more overcrowded.
• One of the projects will be so close to the border of Quiet Waters Park that it will cause permanent damage to the park's environment.

The city is allowing the weakest possible interpretation of the state's 21-year-old Forest Conservation Act, under which the city has the authority to limit forest and wetland destruction.

We, citizens of the Annapolis area, demand that the Mayor insist on the aggressive enforcement of the law in the development of the Reserve at Quiet Waters and Crystal Springs. Property owners may have a right to develop but the city has a moral and legal obligation to the people of Annapolis enforce our laws and protect our environment.
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Protect Our Forests From Development
The Cohen Administration is failing to use its authority to limit the damage that will be caused by the two massive developments proposed for Forest Drive, specifically the destruction of 100 acres of high-quality forest and sensitive wetlands. There will be an unbearable amount of new traffic, and schools will be overwhelmed by the proposed residential and commercial construction for the Reserve at Quiet Waters and Crystal Springs. The city cannot block legal development, and I do not ask for that. But the Administration is failing miserably to invoke the authority granted it under the Maryland Forest Conservation Act to mitigate the damage that would be caused. The harm to our natural environment and the city's quality of life by the destruction of forest and wetlands the City is prepared to allow at these projects cannot be overstated. I ask that you use your authority to scale back the projects and protect Annapolis from the irreversible environmental harm, worsening road congestion and crowded schools. To cave in to the developers' demands for higher density and more profits is to make a mockery of claims to being a city that puts its citizens and environment first.