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The Suncor Energy refinery located in Commerce City is already one of the largest sources of air pollution in the Denver-Metro area.

For years, it has been causing significant health problems for nearby neighborhoods, which are home to high percentages of Latino working families and were recently identified as the most polluted zip code in the nation.

Suncor recently filed a request to pollute even MORE, which would put nearby frontline communities at even higher risk for health and safety problems. Don’t let Suncor get away with this -- take action today!

Suncor pollution

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Protect Denver's air quality and health!
I am writing to express my concerns about the Suncor Energy refinery in Commerce City, Colorado. Suncor's emissions represent one of the largest sources of air pollution in the Denver-Metro area and the company has a history of repeatedly violating air pollution permits and causing frequent accidents. This refinery puts the health and safety of nearby communities at risk. When determining whether to grant Suncor's proposed permit modifications, I implore the Air Pollution Control Division to: allow no increases in air pollution; require the strongest available fence-line monitoring, pollution testing, and compliance requirements; implement effective safety measures and emergency response protocols; and allow no exemptions or loopholes for Suncor. Furthermore, the surrounding majority-Latino neighborhoods deserve the best available protections. Allowing Suncor to pollute even more than it currently does would be very detrimental to surrounding communities already suffering from serious health impacts from air pollution. Thank you for your attention to this very important matter.