Thank Governor Hickenlooper for taking climate action

And urge him to continue to lead!

By joining the U.S. Climate Alliance, Governor Hickenlooper took a big step toward developing a clean energy future here in Colorado. It took all of our combined efforts to get there. “This is a grassroots-based movement,” Hickenlooper acknowledged during his press conference at Red Rocks. “That groundswell will build into a national movement.” And there is still work to be done; we must continue to push our local, statewide and national leaders toward an even bolder stance for protecting our health and environment

It’s critical that, when our leaders act, they hear from us. We need to make sure Governor Hickenlooper know’s we’re listening and follows through with his promises to make our state a leader in clean, renewable energy. Please take a moment to thank the governor for his stance on cutting climate pollution and acting on climate.

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Thank you for Committing Colorado to the U.S. Climate Alliance
Thank you for signing on to make Colorado the first Intermountain western state to join the Climate Alliance. As you said, “this isn’t about Democrat vs. Republican or supporting the president or not supporting him, they make their own decisions. This is about us, Colorado, and every community in this state… we are going to take steps to make sure no one is left behind as our markets move towards cleaner energy resources.” I couldn’t agree more. We have a responsibility to future generations to address climate change by investing in sustainable energy sources and moving away from finite energy sources that pollute our air and water. Colorado must make bold moves. We must act to implement existing solutions that will improve our health and economy. This executive order is an important step to protecting our home. I thank you for your action and commitment to continue leading on climate and clean energy.