Tell Mayor Hancock, Denver is Ready for 100!

Do you want to live in a Denver powered by 100% clean, renewable energy?

Our city could be at forefront of environmental progress, but we must implement just and equitable climate solutions that will protect our community and environment. For far too long Denver has suffered the air and health consequences of fossil fuel pollution. We have a better way! Denver can move away from fracking and coal powered power plants to a future sustained by solar and wind.

To get there we’ll need your voice!

We have the solutions at our fingertips, what we need is strong leadership in Denver from Mayor Hancock to push it though. Just a couple weeks ago, Hancock committed to bold climate leadership at the U.S. conference of mayors; now we need a public support to make sure he puts action behind those words. We need YOU to tell Mayor Hancock that we’re ready for a 100 percent clean, renewable Denver.

We've provided an example, but the most effective message for the mayor is one that you write yourself! Just a couple sentences will do. Feel free to edit the suggested subject line as well!

Here are some suggested things you can say:

  • I care about a 100 % clean energy future because I want my children to be healthy and breathe clean air in their city
  • I support a 100% clean energy because I want to protect our parks and wilderness from the dire effects of climate change
  • I’m taking a stand 100 % clean energy future because I want to see good jobs and affordable energy bills in my future
 Mayor Hancock for 100 

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Your Message
I urge you to take bold action and commit Denver to an equitable and just 100% clean, renewable energy future that will protect our health, climate, and communities.

Hon. Michael B. Hancock
Mayor (Denver)
Phone: (720) 865-9000