Take Action: Tell Oklahoma Legislators to Reject Science Miseducation Bill!

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A "science miseducation" bill just passed the Oklahoma Senate, and is headed to the House Education Committee soon. The bill, SB 393, would empower denial of climate science and other subjects in science classes, with local or state administrators unable to intervene. 

The National Science Teachers Association is strongly opposing SB 393, saying, “as science teachers, it is our responsibility to provide students with quality science education that is not compromised with pseudoscience or by political influences.”  The National Association of Biology Teachers says, “the legislation easily allows non-scientific and false explanations for scientific topics to be inappropriately introduced into the science classroom."

Please sign the petition to urge Oklahoma House Education Committee members to support evidence-based science education, and to reject the "science miseducation" bill, SB 393!



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