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Take Action -- Save the Military's Climate Change and Clean Energy Programs!

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The Department of Defense (DOD) has identified climate change as an “urgent and growing threat to our national security, contributing to increased natural disasters, refugee flows, and conflicts over basic resources.” To help prepare for the growing threat of climate change, the DOD adopted a “climate change adaptation and resilience” directive earlier this year. But House Republicans passed an amendment (H.A. 1195) to the defense spending bill that prohibits the DOD from spending money on its climate programs. Andrew Holland, who works at the American Security Project, said, “It’s actually crazy to me, and it should be crazy to anyone in the military, that Congress is telling them not to do this.” 

In addition to climate planning, the DOD has been leading clean energy research and deployment, in order to reduce the need to go to war for fossil fuels, to save lives lost while transporting fuel for battlefield operations, and to help prevent climate chaos. Yet, House Republicans passed another amendment (H.A. 1205) prohibiting the military from spending money on any clean energy programs. Given the high costs--in lives, dollars and climate instability--of fossil fuel dependence, the military’s climate and clean energy programs should enjoy strong bipartisan support, not ideological opposition rooted in climate denial.

The U.S. Senate has yet to take action on this issue. Please sign the petition to tell senators to reject the short-sighted, “crazy” House legislation that would stop the DOD’s climate change and clean energy programs.


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Save the military's climate change and clean energy programs!
Dear Senators: Please stand up for our troops, clean energy and a healthy climate for our kids by saving the new Department of Defense's climate directive. Reject House legislation blocking funding for climate change adaptation and resilience (House Amendment 1195), and clean energy programs (House Amendment 1205).